Una splendida giornata … da clandestino

Show debut: 12.2018 / Agency: Teatro Miela/Bonawentura / Task: Virtual scenography

About the project

In the summer of 2017 Gianpaolo Sarti (journalist, Il Piccolo) pretended to be a migrant to write a featured story about the situation of asylum seekers in Trieste. Sarti spent the entire day with a group of Afghan and Pakistani teenagers. For that day he was “Kerim”. The day began right at the Silos, the shed that for some years has served as an abusive shelter for hundreds of migrants. They are people who for various reasons have not yet entered the city reception system. The journalist went to sleep next to their huts, using a towel and a backpack as a bed. “Are you hungry? Do you need a shower? Well, come with us! “, Was heard at one point from that group of young foreigners. In short, the fake migrant was immediately accepted and accepted. Without too many questions. And his day as a refugee began.

Una splendida giornata … da clandestino is a monologue written by Giuseppe Nikodemo and interpreted by Francesco Godina directed by Sabrina Morena and produced by the Teatro Miela / Bonawentura.

My part of the project

I started to work with the team few days before the actual debut to animate the actual physical scenography. I tried to translate the idea of the scenography and the director on stage using the multiplication of images projected on transparent tulle panels. At the beginning simple geometrics simulates a kitchen then we enter in the Silos. Briefly there are parts where still images simulates architectural elements and few parts of actual video interviews. Using a simulation of light beams projected on the panels in a combination of actual back lights we manage to emphasize some of the most important moments with an interesting technique.