IQOS 3 – The launch

Done in: 11.2018 / Agency: New Moment / Task: Video Art Direction and creation of LED content

About the project

Initially launched in 2014 in Nagoya, Japan and Milan, Italy, IQOS is being gradually rolled out to other countries. As of April 2019, IQOS was available in around 44 countries. In October 2018, Philip Morris International introduced a less expensive version of IQOS called IQOS 3 in Tokyo, Japan. The IQOS 3 Multi was also launched, which is capable of multiple consecutive uses. In Slovenia the reveal of the IQOS 3 took place in Viba Film on November 2018.

My part of the project

I worked with Tina Mrkšić for the Agency New Moment (Ljubljana). Tina wanted to create a multi sensorial art experience. Some of the best Slovenian artists were involved in the project. I was in charge to animate the enormous amount of LED screens surrounded the main venue and taking care of a holo projection as well. Curating and creating the video content for the official reveal part and plying as a VJ with Miha Mramor during the afterparty. Always a pleasure working with Tina and her great feeling for details and aesthetic.