Video mapping on dancer

Done in: 09.2011 / Agency: Paideia / Task: Video mapping on dancers

About the project

Event: Promenada 2011 (Proplus “new season” party). The commercial TV POP in Slovenia presenting the new palimpsest on Promenada party. That year they lunched 6 new channels.

My part of the project

Mladen from Paideia asked me to do a video mapping on a dancer that year for the Promenada inspired by one of Beyonce’s performance. I called a dear friend Lukas Zuschlag and he accepted the challenge therefore we created a short story about discovering new no ordinary no conventional things. Then on that story plot I composed the music with audio fx and sent the whole audio composition back to Lukas who did the choreography. Once we filmed the dance part, I started to design the video around him. We had few rehearsals and we were already on stage. It’s a front projection only, no other light sources were used.