Outstanding 2018

Done in: 01.2019 / Agency: Europlakat / Task: Motion Graphic and video content for the awards ceremony

About the project

“Europlakat Ljubljana last night awarded the best works in out of home advertising in Slovenia for the eighth consecutive year. The Outstanding ceremony, attended by 650 guests, was held in Ljubljana Opera.

Europlakat, as the leading provider of external advertising inventory in Slovenia, in cooperation with the industry, annually organizes a prestigious event in which the profession celebrates the best creative solutions in outdoor advertising.”

(Source: Media Marketing 31/01/2019)

My part of the project

Creating the motion graphics for backdrops to support the Outstanding ceremony as preproduction. Revealing of prizes as well as visual content for music acts which perform during the night. Complex playout execution of the visual content on LED and beamers. A project where I used a bit of holographic projection as well. Always outstanding acts, always outstanding works and always an outstanding crowd of people. Another “the place to be” and “must be scheduled in your agenda” event if you work in the advertising field in Slovenia.