LJFW Ljubljana Fashion Week

Founded the brand owner / Brand owner and organiser: Zavod Zvereene / Tasks: Visual Identity, a bit of a music editor, scenographer, director, technician, …

About the project

The idea about organizing such an event in Slovenia has been gradually developing since 2005. Although such endeavour is complex and it involves tremendous effort, likeminded individuals from different circles, all working in the field of creative industry, decided to take the initiative. The goal of this initiative was to reach out to as wide as population possible, not just “the fashionistas”, therefore we created a new platform: LJUBLJANA FASHION WEEK. Two times a year the very center of Slovenian capital becomes playground for LJUBLJANA FASHION WEEK, and it brings a contemporary fashion spirit and it creates an image of a modern fashion capital.

My part of the project

All started with 5 people  Mimi Antolović, Sašo Kralj, Melinda Rebrek, Uroš Vovk and me. We founded Zvereene Institute a non profit organisation which is the official organiser of the LJFW – Ljubljana Fashion Week.

We presented the 10th edition of LJFW on April 2019 and the project has grown with every edition. All of us work on a wide range of tasks because this is our passion project that we do with minimal resources, but the greatest impact. For instance my work contains being an Art Director shaping LJFW identity, or designing runways, building video content for LED screens, video editing of the runway shows, curating the music identity, as well as creating LJFW vision with other members for the future.