Golden Drum

Working since: 2014 / Agency: Paideia / Task: LED video content design

About the project

Golden Drum, International Festival of Creativity, is more than an international competition of creative advertising and more than its legendary parties and the award shows. It is made to inspire. It is inspiring amazing work of the best creatives of the world, inspiring true friendships and everlasting bonds. It enables us to see through the eyes of the artists, it is a place where creativity is celebrated and hopes and dreams come true. It inspires to inspire.

My part of the project

The main challenge here is competing with time. It is an intense week starting 3 days before the actual start of the festival. Creating mockups and preparing files for the final “sprint”. In that days I prepare static graphic content for speakers announcements and getting familiar with the award database the organizer provides me with. Once the festival starts, my work with the best Paideia team on creating the closing award ceremony also begins. Usually there are approximately 90 awards (silver, gold, grand prix …) in 2 hours ceremony. On the LED walls you can see the awarded identity as well as credits of all people involved in creating the campaign – for all those 90 prizes delivered. A meticulous work is done only with a well organized Paideia team. I have the pleasure to work with them every year.